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Our Restaurant and Our Story

Now and Then


A mainstay in the local community. Established in 1980, we have grown to seat 650 guests. Each dining room is unique in its own way, including an outdoor covered patio complete with 60 inch screen television. Offering a wide variety of menu options to satisfy every palate.


With a large list of wines, domestic and imported beers, and a great selection of all legal beverages our lounge is a great place to dine or stop in for a peaceful drink.

Alongside our classic da Vinci’s menu, we have daily, nightly, and Sunday Specials.


Our prep kitchen serves only the freshest ingredients.

In 1978 Jim and Marilyn Pettit bought an old Sunoco gas station in Williamstown and set about turning it into a pizza shop—as the story goes, they took out a variable rate loan to do it, and the interest rate eventually grew to a whopping 23 percent. But they persevered and opened for business in 1980, serving a simple menu of pizza and subs. “We started out as one little dining room and a salad bar—we had 13 tables,” says Chris Bender. Chris has been at Da Vinci’s almost since the beginning. She started working for the Pettits as a server three decades ago, and rose through the ranks over the years until she was managing the entire place. “This wasn’t what I wanted to do forever—this was just a stepping stone, this was to pay my way through college,” she says. “But I loved the people—I loved the customers, I loved the employees. They’re my friends. So I never left.” Two years ago Chris bought the restaurant from the Pettits, who were by then living in North Carolina and helping their daughter run a restaurant there. “I’m here every day, all day,” Chris says. “I figured if I’m going to live here I may as well own it.”


da Vinci's

Williamstown, WV

Our Story


At Da Vinci’s Restaurant, the overwhelming feeling is of abundance. It’s there in the food—mounds of pasta covered in rich sauces, glasses brimming with generous pours of wine, layers of sugar rising high off the plate to form luxurious desserts. It’s there on the menu—a two-page spread that reveals an impressive slate of options, from pizza and subs to pasta and steak. And it’s there in the restaurant itself—a huge building that spans three floors and seats hundreds. As a hostess leads you to your table you’re swept past one room after another, each filled with guests chatting, laughing, and eating. And that’s likely to be true no matter when you go—Da Vinci’s in Wood County is always busy.


December 29, 2014


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Come taste it all!

215 Highland Avenue

Williamstown, WV 26187


Monday, Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday - Saturday: 10:30am - 9:00pm

Sunday - 11:00am: 8:00pm


Phone: 304.375.3633
FAX: 304.375.7861

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